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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Wait Time Report by Specialist for One-Year Period Ending April 30, 2023
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Wait Time to 1st Appointment (under development)
Non-Emergent Cases Completed
50% Received Surgery Within (weeks)
90% Received Surgery Within (weeks)
Cases Waiting
Percent Waiting Over 3 Months Will see patients using Video Conferencing
All Procedures   96466  5.9  50.9  59526  46.1% 
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About the directory

You may be able to significantly reduce your wait time by traveling to a smaller center to have surgery. To find out, use the figure above or click on Select Search Criteria to select a procedure and use Location of surgery to check each city you are willing to travel to for surgery. Not all surgeries are performed in all locations; only cities that perform the procedure you have selected will be displayed.

You and your family doctor can use this information to see which surgeons have the shortest wait times and to choose the most appropriate surgeon for you.

Surgical wait times may be affected by:

  • Number of patients needing that kind of surgery
  • Number of specialists available
  • Availability of operating room theaters
  • How physicians/hospitals manage wait lists

About the data

This site uses data from Saskatchewan’s Surgical Patient Registry, which includes all surgeries performed in hospital operating rooms. Emergency surgeries and procedures performed in clinics and ambulatory care units are not included. For some hospitals, endoscopic procedures performed in endoscopy suites are also included.

To protect patient privacy, procedure numbers of less than five are not shown. Because of this privacy measure, the total count of surgeries performed by the surgeon may be higher than the combined totals for each procedure group listed by health region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patient pathways

Surgical alternatives are available in Saskatchewan for selected specialties through "patient pathways". These processes can streamline assessment of patients, speed up diagnostic tests or surgical referrals, and sometimes help patients recover without needing surgery.

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